1     E-Assessament

This system is for the public to check the latest assessment tax statement via online. User can check payment status, owner's data, mailing adderess and assessment tax number and able to print the latest assessment tax bill. Please click here

2     e-Rental
  This system is for the public to check the latest rental statement via online. User can check payment status and latest statement for stall and market rental arrears by key in rental account number. The public also can print rental bill for stall and market. Please click here

3     E-License
  The purpose is to facilitate the public to check the license statement via online. user can check and print the license latest status by key in the licence account number as well as able to print latest bill directly. Please click here

4     e-Aduan

This system is to ease the public to channel their complaint to the Council via on line through website at The public can submit complaint and check via online. This system will record complaint according to the category and will be channelled to the related department. The complaint can be printed for reference purpose during the checking. Please click here

5     OSC Online

This system is one of the channels for the public submitting the Development Proposal Plan in electronic digital format (ePenyerahan) and technical review on the development plan can be done via online (ePemprosesan). It assisted the plan to be more faster, online efficient and 24 hours x 7 days as well as development record can be stored in an organized manner.Please click here

6     e-Booking

This system is one of the channels allowed the public to make application on public facility bookings (hall/court/field/equipment) via online. The public can also check the additional schedule as well as application status and payment status besides printing the booking statement for reference purposes.Please click here

7.   e-Payment

e-Bayaran is one of the alternative channel for online payment services which provide facilities to the public for easier and fast payments of bill and compound to the Nilai Municipal Council. e-Payment offers the convenience of direct debit (FPX) and credit car online payment method..

e-Payment was announced to the public and in the Nilai Municipal Council website from 1 July 2011/ Online payment transactions can be made through the link in the  Nilai Municipal Council website or at

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