• A quality, harmony and comfortable life for strata development area.


  • All strata development area has their own management body that can execute a well- management and maintenance for the building and joint-property.


  • Ensuring the Joint-property maintenance is properly organized and in orderly manner based on the specified Laws and Rules to create a clean and harmonious surrounding in a joint-property sharing for storey development.


  • Creating, maintaining and updating the strata development.
  • Processing the lot schedule filing by the Developer.
  • Managing the share unit filing for the unspecified share unit development.
  • Monitoring the first annual general meeting, annual general meeting and extraordinary general meeting.
  • Processing the certificate application.
  • Monitoring and reviewing the JMB / MC / sub MC Committee Selection.
  • Monitoring and reviewing the developer submission to JMB / MC.
  • Implementing the appointment process and management agent monitoring under section S.86 Act 757.
  • Carrying out action and enforcement under Act 757.
  • Carrying out investigation and prosecution for the offence under Act 757.
  • Monitoring and managing deposit for repairing the flaws for the usage of Building Commissioner for strata development scheme who has applied vacant ownership.
  • Monitoring the maintenance account management and settlement account group account emantau.
  • Management and Monitoring of complaint case related to the management/Developer administration/ JMB / MC / sub MC, financial and leakage between level and damage on the walls for both parties.
  • Monitoring the joint-property Maintenance Management conducted by JMB, MC / sub MC.