• Adoption of ICT cultural as a catalyst for an excellent digital service delivery of MPN toward a developed city by 2020.


  • Enhancing the ICT usage to ensure that the digital service provision is flexible, effective and safe as a developed city by 2020.


  • Planning, developing, implementing and  maintaining the information technology program for the Council.
  • Providing trainings and elevating the understanding among the Council’s staff in the computer usage.
  • Supplying and maintaining the computer hardware in line with the requirements from other departments in the Council.



  • Developing and maintaining the application and online service system.
  • Developing the Council’s official website and updating the content as well as latest information on timely basis.
  • Enforcing the implementation of DKICT and ensuring the it has been complied to.
  • Implementing the tasks involving the ICT security.
  • Supervising the database system and executing a periodic back up and restore for application and data system.
  • Supervising and monitoring the network system accessibility, security system effectiveness and server room operation.
  • Maintaining the wireless network system.
  • Running a periodic ICT hardware amd software maintenance.
  • Supervising and monitoring the Close-Circuit Television System.