• Ensuring the department/division management and financial system is well-managed in line with the specified policies, laws and procedure
  • Reviewing and valuing the department/division operation in term of perfectionility, ability, effectiveness and economical
  • Identifying the weakness and incompliance of the related parties as well as measures suggestion to improve whereby the correction action is required.


  • Implementing the auditing to the management, financial, human resource affairs as well as MS ISO 9001:2008 auditing
  • Inspection on collection control and public monies management
  • Inspection on the control, payment and usage of publc monies
  • Inspection on asset and stock
  • Implementing surprise inspection
  • Implementing auditing on the department main procedure
  • Implementing auditing on the Public Sector Conducive Ecosystem (EKSA)
  • Preparing the Annual Planning and Internal Audit Annual Report