• Preserving the harmonious relationship among the community within the scope of dynamic and sustainable laws.


  • Responsible in providing legal advice and regulating, formulating as well as monitoring By-laws for the Council. The laws will then be enforced within the Council’s jurisdiction including issuing compound and court action.


  • Providing legal service and implementing the enforcement for the Council and the public for the sake of preserving the harmony, comfortability and safety in line with the enforced laws.
  • Root of Power:
    1. Creation
      • Post Warrant
      • Provision Warrant
    2. Source of Power
      • Local Government Act 1976 (Act 171)
      • Street, Drainage and Building Act 1974 (Act 133)
      • Rural and Town Planning Act 1976 (Act 172)
      • Road Transportation Act 1987 (Act 333)
      • Allocation By-laws and Rules under the specified laws


Administration & Prosecution

  • Managing department’s administration affairs.
  • Providing or reviewing the agreement draft
  • Implementing the prosecution charge
  • Managing coordination between the Panel Lawyer in the civil case
  • Regulating the subsidiary laws
  • Monitoring the compound system operation
  • Managing the court notice and summon’s delivery
  • Providing the legal talk and advice


  • Law enforcement
  • Patrolling the whole area of MPN
  • Complaint investigation
  • Building demolition operation
  • Public Complaint
  • Heavy machinery operation
  • Unlicensed hawker operation
  • Loitering animal operation
  • Integrated operation
  • Obstruction operation
  • Summon delivery
  • Safety Control