• As an outstanding administration and human resource department in providing the ultimate service to all client based on the IT development and set as an example to other departments in the Council.


  • As a systematic management / administration department in providing an excellent service towards the client in line with an effificent administration structure parallel with the future technology.


  • Responsible in ensuring the General rules is implemented according to the specified or applied rules/circulars, in addition to the services aspect including the personnel is fairly treated for the benefit of the council’s officers and staffs.


  • Managing the Council’s administration
  • Implementing the Generel Administration tasks
  • Managing the human resource management
  • Managing the department’s procurement (Service and Supply)
  • Managing and coordinating meetings related to the Council bothinternally or externally
  • Coordinating the operation and execution of the activities
  • Regulating and drafting the Council’s policy and direction
  • Coordinating/coordinator between departments (according to the Act 171)
  • Executing the public Relation Strategic Plan