The Nilai Municipal Council has taken the matter seriously regarding the resort’s development risk area around the hillsides and hill tops. The Council will not liable on any activities which have been carried out in term of technical, facility and safety requirement, cleanliness, waste management, advertisement and promotion including any incident occur around the vicinity of Pantai Hills resort area such as The Dusun, The Shorea, Awanmulan as well as other resorts nearby. The Council has never approved any development carried out in that particular resorts and furthermore the related party has failed to comply to all rules specified by the Council. In addition, they also have failed to obtain any approval related to The Certificate of Completion and Compliance (CCC) from the Council.  

Therefore, the council has strictly denied that the development in the resort area has obtained prior approval from the council. In relation to this, The Council is not responsible toward any safety risk to the owners and visitors of the particular premises. If anything happened, the related party should be held accountable for any incidents occur in the future.

Validity Date: 
Thursday, 9 May 2019 to Friday, 31 May 2019