• Making the OSC Unit an efficient and comprehensive platform in executing the government service delivery system improvement in order to facilitate the process and procedure of the land development plan approval which is under the consideration in the Council’s area.


  • To shorten the time norm in processing the development plan approval application and thus it can enhance the delivery, procedure and process system of the development proposals which is under consideration developed by the Council




  • Coordinating, reviewing and processing the client application as the PSP for the development plan covering the the planning permission plan, naming the park, street and house/building numbering plan, earthworks plan, infrastructure plan, building plan and landscape plan, as well as processing the Certificate of Completion and Compliance (CCC) application as listed below:

    • Planning permission Checklist - MPN 10/B/KP-01-01

    • Earthworks Checklist - MPN /B/KP-01-02

    • Road & Drainage Checklist – MPN/B/KP-01-02

    • Building Plan Checklist – MPN/B/KP-01-03

    • Landscape Plan Checklist – MPN/B/KP-01-04

    • Public Street Lights Plan Checklist – MPN/B/KP-01-06

    • Certificate of Completion and Compliance Checklist

  • One of the roles of OSC Unit is to act as a secretariat to the One-Stop Center (OSC) Committee Meetings which has meet up twice monthly. The application received within 14 days will be processed to be tabled in the meetings.

  • For building plan extension application involving plan width area more than 300 metres square @ 3000 per square feet is required to submit the planning permission plan, infrastructure plan and landscape plan.

  • Preparing the annual reporting to the ministry via OSC portal 

  • OSC Unit, MPN is striving to upgrade the development plan delivery system through onlince osc system which can be accessed via