• Providing the best service to the community especially related to the landscape and surrounding in order to generate more harmonious living environment and portray a unique image and identity for certain area.


  • Creating a Park in a City through a quality and overall landscape development in fulfilling the requirement and well-being of the people.


  • Planning and executing the beutification programs and generating a more harmonious natural environment under the Council area in line with the development.


  • Processing landscape plan approval.
  • Planning the landscape development projects.
  • Monitoring the landscape privatization works.
  • Monitoring the landscape works which has been implemented.
  • Inspecting the public complaint received.
  • Providing the maintenance programs and work report.
  • Preparing the quotation and tender.
  • Implementing the maintenance inventory and programs for public parks and children playground park.
  • Implementing the management works.
  • Replying the complaint letters and matters related to land scape.
  • Receiving and taking the public complaint.
  • Managing matters related to the Landscape Department.
  • Processing the landscape plan approval.