1. Provide friendly service and fair and equitable to clients who deal in the specified time period.

  2. Immediate action on any complaints made by the public within seven (7) days.

  3. Issue a letter of acknowledgment as a sign of action being taken against all the complaints made by the public within 7 days.

  4. Ensure that the administrative department, office safety and cleanliness conditions are at their best and satisfactory.

  5. Ensure that the basic needs of the officers / employees in carrying out tasks such as equipment - stationery / office equipment is provided with an adequate amount.

  6. Ensure all of the rental properties owned by the council is supervised properly and in the best condition to be used by the public

  7. Manage and resolve personal positioning/service of personnel in the form of appointment, verification of appointment, entry into pensioned position, leave application, courses and trainings and discipline equitably complying with the regulations and within the stipulated time.

  1. To efficiently manage matters related to Nilai Municipal Council's finances in accordance with Treasury Instructions and set regulations.

  2. To provide warm and fair service and to be prepared to take actions on all complaints on services provided by the Department of Treasury.

  3. Managing the payment of suppliers/contractors' bills within 12 days from the date of endorsement from the relevant department.

  4. Managing payments for assessment tax bills and licences in 2 minutes provided completed bills/forms are received at MPN's revenue collection counter.

  1. To provide legal advice and information to Nilai Municipal Council's departments.

  2. To legislate, amend and interpret acts, by-laws, enactments, orders, procedures and regulations in force.

  3. To monitor and draft documents related to the law such as agreements and contracts.

  4. To manage the prosecution of offences committed against the law in force.

  5. To supervise and coordinate civil cases concerning the council.

  6. To draft notices and regulations relating to law enforcement.

  7. To hold briefings and trainings on the law to departments involved in law enforcement.

  8. To provide leaflets on the law as information and guide for the public from time to time. To ensure the amount of compounds imposed is fair and just.