• To establish a systematic departmental administration/management in providing excellent services to customers towards an efficient departmental administrative structure in line with the technology of the future.


  • To establish an administration and human resource division of a department which provides the best services to all customers dealing with and focusing on IT-based developments and becomes exemplary to other departments within the Nilai Municipal Council.


  • To be responsible in ensuring the general administration of the department is carried out smoothly according to the regulations/circulars outlined or adopted Apart from the aspects of services which encompasses personnel are carried out fairly for the benefit of Council officers and personnel..


  1. To provide friendly, fair and equitable services to all customers who deal within a specified time period.
  2. To take immediate actions on any complaints made by the public within a period of seven (7) days.
  3. To issue an acknowledgement receipt letter as proof that actions are being taken towards all complaints made by the public within a period of 7 days.
  4. To ensure the department administration, cleanliness and security conditions of the office is at its best and satisfactory level.
  5. To ensure the basic needs of officers/personnel in carrying out duties such as stationery/office equipment are adequately provided.
  6. To ensure all rental properties of the Council are orderly supervised and in the best condition to be used when it is used by the general public.
  7. To manage and resolve issues related to staffing/personnel services in terms of appointments, position confirmations, entry in pensioned positions, leave applications, courses and trainings, disciplinary and ethics in a just manner in accordance to regulations and accurate to the time set.