Summary of Office Management Guide According to Divisions/Topics are as follow:

Division 1: General Office Management

Explains the responsibility of the Head of Department in office management that covers review of department’s functions, evaluation of activities and list of duties, cleanliness and safety of office premise.

New allocation in this Division is the emphasis on adherence to the law, communications facilities and welfare programmes.


Division 2: Human Resource Administration

Explains the necessity of attendance record, service record, performance evaluation, appreciation certificate and gazettes.

New allocations in this Division are inculcating positive work culture, development of human capital and management of human resource information electronically.


Division 3: Character and Image

This Division is new. This allocation explains the importance of character and image aspects which include dressing style, work ethics, conduct during discharging of duties, the importance of controlling emotions and being open, wise, polite and positive. This division also emphasizes on discipline and conduct of public officials as well as the need to follow agreements.


Division 4: Customer Relations Management

This Division is new. This allocation requires the Head of Department to constantly stress on quality service to the customers. Aspects detailed out are the necessity to provide warm and fair service to the customers, reducing bureaucratic hassles, providing customer service facilities and customer charter. Besides that, forum such as the Customer Day and management of public complaints must be carried out by the Head of Department to create effective interaction between customers and the department.


Division 5: Service Delivery System

This Division is new. This allocation stresses the importance of the service delivery system by improving counter and telephone service, simplifying work systems and procedures and application forms, reviewing licence or permit requirements as well as increasing revenue collection channels.


Division 6: Government Letters Affairs

This Division outlines the method to prepare official government letters, registration and distribution methods as well as management of letters.


Division 7: File Management

This Division outlines the importance of file management, file classification method, Keep In View method and the necessity to create Floating File. New allocations included are document management and electronic record system, and development of computer application system.


Division 8: Maintenance, Conservation and Disposal of Public Records

This Division explains the role of the Head of Department in the maintenance, conservation and disposal of public records. New allocations included are the preparation of record disposal schedule, necessity to back-up important records and the need for the Head of Department to provide plans on how to save and repair records damaged by natural disaster.


Division 9: Management of Communications and Information Technology

This Division is new. This allocation explains that each department is required to create strategic plans for information technology, hardware and software procurement, information technology security plan, software, development of application system and department’s website. It also stresses the need of using the internet and email as a communication channel.


Division 10: Office Inventory and Supplies

This Division explains the need for the Head of Department to adhere to regulations in force relating to matters relating to office supplies procurement, usage control, storage, maintenance, checks and disposal.