The Satay is not only regarded as one of the Malay dishes, but it is also popular in other South East Asia Countries as well. In South America for instance, Guyana State also has the same dishes but in a larger size. In Willy Satay, the satay and nasi impit is different in term of the savoury compared to other places which served the same menu in Nilai area.



PT 9910, Jalan 1/3G, Putra Point, Fasa 2, Bandar Baru Nilai 71800 Putra nilai, Negeri Sembilan.

Waktu Operasi


1.00 tengah hari hingga 5.00 petang 

No Telefon



Menu Makanan 


Satay of chicken, meat, lamb, tripe and lontong.Sate ayam,daging,kambing,perut dan lontong.