With the Clock Tower currently located at the Nilai Square, its now has become the latest landmark in the Council area. In addition, the craft centre which injecting some of the characteristics of Kuala Pilah, Rembau and Jempol houses, Nilai Square has indeed prominently showed the true identity of Negeri Sembilan.

There are also a playground field for the children as well as football field located at the square for the public whereby they can submit an application at the Council prior their usage. Besides that, various facilities are provided such as a handicraft building, mini amphitheatre, stage show, parking lots, bas stop and others.


Nilai Square is very popular among the families during weekends as it is located at the central of the town. It’s also can be regarded as an alternative for the Kuala Lumpur folks who are seeking to find a new spot.

Clock Tower
Mini Ampiteater
 Handicraft Building
Interior Space 
Parking Lot